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We create surfaces for everyday living spaces, where respect for humans and nature is talen into consideration and is of essential duty.

Our social responsibility is expressed and conceived throught 

these small concepts:

The environmental impact of our production 

processes. This is reduced to a minimum thanks to a 

cogeneration plant powered by methane that guarantees both a complete energy self-sufficienct protocol and a recovery 

system maintained by a water cooling system 

for the hot air emitted by the linear furnaces.

The protection of natural resources, which endure on limiting raw waste, the consumption of thermal energy, the electricity

consumption and 

the water utilized. 

The environment and health. Done by offering our customers 

products which are free of carcinogens, made in low-emission plants and safe for workers and surrounding communities. 

Last concept and the most important, WE do not produce if 

YOU do not ask! For us, it is useless to produce tiles, for 

them to sit unsold in the 

warehouse. We are the only company in the world today that produces on demand, we produce what you want. 

Remember that the greatest pollutant is done through 

the superfluous, WE do not have that.

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